EV6 World Premiere

Kia Takes Over Times Square


Gail & Rice


Times Square, NYC



EV6 World Premiere

Automaker Kia supercharged the launch of its all-electric 2022 EV6 crossover vehicle with a nighttime reveal to attendees in New York City’s iconic Times Square. Centerstage worked with production partners, Gail and Rice and Disguise, to take over Times Square with video-mapped custom content. The EV6 crossover stage and the surrounding 44 larger-than-life LED screens spanned 6 city blocks and served as the creative canvas for the launch. In-person audiences and global broadcast viewers were immersed in 360-degree content showcasing the automaker’s new vehicle and recently updated corporate brand. “Times Square is an American landmark with a huge number of LED video screens and pixel capacity–it’s almost overwhelming in a way. To have the chance to completely take over all those screens with our own custom content was really a unique experience.” - Troy Fujimura, Head of Design and Technology at Centerstage.

44 LED screens.

6 city blocks.

Taking Times Square by storm with 360-degree content.

Remote audiences viewed the electrifying reveal across multiple social media platforms and a custom website created by Centerstage.

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