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What Drives Us?

Personalized, Dynamic, World-Class Service.

About Centerstage

The world has accelerated since we started in 1996, but the values that drive our business remain the same: personalized, dynamic, world-class service by a team of dedicated, seasoned live experience professionals. We believe in creating collaborative work flows and long-lasting relationships. Throughout North America and across six continents, we know that every environment is different, so we shape every product and service with your needs in mind. We understand that true craftsmanship will always carry the day, so we act with painstaking diligence to discover every essential detail. In short, we help our clients connect with their customers by delivering flawless experiences.

Core Values

What We
Believe In.

We obsess over the small stuff. Through our experience and conviction, we always give you our personal best. Every time. Perfection is never a choice – it’s our mandate.

We’re unlike everyone else because our innovative approach to creative is anchored by our heritage of hardcore technical DNA. Our goal is to inspire audiences emotionally while delivering technical perfection.

We have a heartfelt love for the industry and a desire to see our clients succeed, which motivates us to expend every last ounce of creative energy and passion towards each project.

We believe in providing growth for our team at every opportunity. We vigorously train and promote our team members and foster a collaborative, thriving work environment. Our roots run deep.

For over two decades, we have danced on the edge of what is possible. We do that by embracing the unconventional – and fearlessly so. Groundbreaking creativity starts from within.

Case Study
EV6 World Premiere
Kia supercharged the launch of its 2022 EV6 by taking over New York City's iconic Times Square.
Case Study
Bumble IPO, Nasdaq Remote Opening Bell
Centerstage matched with Nasdaq and Bumble for a flawless IPO and Opening Bell broadcast.
Case Study
Lincoln Nautilus Reveal
Unveiling the Lincoln Nautilus: an immersive, best-in-class experience by Centerstage.
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