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With a $2.53 trillion-dollar global economic impact, as reported by Meetings Mean Business, it’s clear that our industry is extremely powerful – and leaves a very large waste footprint.  

The amount of waste generated from live events can be enormous. Often, it is simply more cost-effective to fill up dumpsters at the end of an event rather than to reuse or recycle. And when an event demands the limelight of a huge build out, “reducing” is often in direct conflict with the creative.

Entertainment giant Live Nation is doing something about it today – setting ambitious goals to reduce waste at their venues and festivals by 50% by 2030 and by ending the sale of single-use plastics at all of their venues by 2021.

There are other things that all of us can do – utilizing more and more recyclable materials in scenery builds; creating elements that can be easily compacted and reused in order to reduce landfill waste; eliminating single-use plastics from all events.

Take a look at Live Nation’s “Green Nation” efforts here:

Live Nation Announces Sustainability Goals for Concerts, Events


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