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Women in Event Tech - Women's Equality Day 2019

Today is Women’s Equality Day – a day we celebrate the historic 19th Amendment that gave American women the freedom to vote. This is also a day that we celebrate the huge strides made for women in the workplace – and recognize the progress that remains to be made.  

It’s no secret that women represent just a fraction of the professionals employed in the event production and technology industry. While the percentage of women in tech-based jobs grows every year (up to 20% as of 2018), the overall numbers remain small.  

A research summary from the National Center for Women & Information Technology concludes that, when managed properly, diverse teams bring huge benefits to an organization’s culture and performance:

"Organizations benefit most from gender diversity initiatives when they create a supportive infrastructure.” And “Businesses that effectively support gender diversity perform better financially, enjoy exceptional team dynamics, and attain greater productivity.”

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Every day, we are extremely honored to work side-by-side with our colleagues, and would recommend that any women interested in a career in the event technology industry visits Women in Event Tech. Among their various offerings, their blog features inspirational stories from women who are doing incredible work in tech and the event technology.

From their website:

“We're a community of people that believe there are more opportunities for women to lead in event tech than we see currently. Whether that's starting event tech companies, programming event tech innovations, designing breathtaking event installations - we don't care. Whatever the tech, wherever the event, whoever the woman - we're getting behind you to share stories, meet up, inspire and connect.”


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