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2020 Trends In Experiential Marketing

In 2019, experiential marketing was a proven driver of brand engagement and campaign success. With recent advances in event technology and a stronger desire for brands to create unique consumer experiences, The Vendry has bold predictions for 2020.

Here are our key takeaways from their list.

VR and AR Will Make Way For a Focus on Spatial Audio Design

Virtual and augmented reality technologies are now powerful tools in enhancing an attendee's live experience. Manifold predicts these technology enhancements will predominately focus on supplementing an event’s auditory experience rather than visual. This trend helps avoid “over-augmentation” and keeps people’s awareness inside the event space. 

Reusable Fabrications Will Replace Waste

Creating more sustainable events was a big topic in 2019, and we expect that conversation to grow in 2020. Creating custom fabrication that can be reused and re-purposed goes a long way to creating more environmentally friendly events. 

Brands Will Incorporate Experiential Earlier in Their Marketing Strategy Development
Rather than being an additional piece to an already fleshed out marketing strategy, Grandesign believes experiential will be considered by brands earlier and become more central to a brand’s strategy. As long as experiential continues to be an effective way to achieve business goals, we can expect to see more experiential strategists, producers, and creatives finding a seat at the table early into a campaign's development. 

Read The Vendry’s full list of 2020 predictions here.


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